Happy Easter to Ann and Tony from Iowa


 How Mary Fons helped me meeting the most wonderful couple from Iowa

Ostern Foto 4 bearbeitet Blog Kopie
Wonderful cake made by our friend Anh + small easter basket

I’m always enjoying trips by train – usually you are travelling carefree (reading, looking at the landscape, having snacks, taking some time out). This time on out way to Prague we were crammed and couldn’t move an inch: Four adults and their luggage. A German lady sitting in the neighbouring compartment preferred to be seated with just her companion instead of parking at least one piece of our belongings (we asked her and she said no).

Finally, I couldn’t care less about her ignorant behaviour (although this is probably exactly which contributes to the bad reputation Germans have in some places) – because this somehow gave us the chance to learn to know the nicest people, an elderly couple from Iowa (from a town near Chicago). Ann a teacher of English and Tony a football player, both retired, ventured to see some European cities. In no time we experienced the literally open hearts Americans have (as Ann put it and we had the chance to really find out then). The four of us were touching the quilts our lives including tragic losses. We were wrapped in Ann’s and Tony’s sympathy, they were sharing with us their wisdom.

How did Mary Fons come in here? Me mentioning being the fan of a quilt artist coming from Chicago as well and being a quilter myself set off our conversation – not that any icebreaker would have been necessary, I think. I’ve been struck by amazement the moment we met. Our journey could have gone on and on. After Berlin, Prague was Ann’s and Tony’s second stop in Europe – Vienna and Budapest were to follow. The time spent with Ann and Tony brought me likewise. Meeting them cannot have happened just by accident. This is my firm belief.

Ann and Tony, we will keep you in our hearts. Thank you. Happy Easter to you and your beloved ones.

Foto Erste Blütenpracht Prag Kopie

First blossoms discovered last Monday in Prague walking down the river Vltava 03/21/2016 – unfortunately the picture doesn’t offer you their sweetest smell.




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